Philosophy, FSSC22000 Certificate

FSSC 22000 Certificate

Mind of Kaneku

Ome City and Okutama are surrounded by lush green countryside and picturesque mountains. Kaneku corporation still functions by its original ideology instilled in its workers by the company’s founder, Mr Iwata, “MAGOKORO” do it from the heart.

trust,・Sincerity・superior cuisine In all things consider the customer!

Tradition, Technology
At Kaneku we understand the evolving needs of our customer base. We always challenge ourselves to incorporate the traditional flavors yet look for new ways to satisfy our consumer’s palate. WASABI is an integral part in a multitude of Japanese dishes. Therefore, we will continue change our products and incorporate new product lines to satisfy the ever changing market.
Quality, Trust
Our policy “safety + quality = confidence”. Kaneku is strict guidelines for food safety management system(FSSC 22000). These are the same guidelines recommend by the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S. And, when it comes to our employees Kaneku provides them with a safe work environment understanding a happy and safe worker is a productive worker.

FSSC 22000 --- Improving security system Our products are certified by Food Safety System Certification FSSC 22000

We are strictly controlling our manufacturing process with our unique supervising system; therefore, we have had made our ingredients traceable completely. In addition, since 2016, we are certified by FSSC 22000 which is a regulation adopted by Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI.) The two international standard, ISO 22000 and ISO/TS22002-1, integrated to the regulation. Our products meet this newest international standard, and we are trying hard to keep food security and improve the quality of our products.
“MAGOKORO”. Today, we continue to produce high quality products with the same attention to detail as did our company’s founder Mr Iwata. Kaneku always follows the guidelines set out by the Japanese food regulatory authorities. Maintaining optimum care in food handing through all the production processes.
Creating Superior Cuisine
Quite simply we aim to bring a traditional flavor into the future with modern taste. Our dream is that we can export our products, so other countries can enjoy a flavor of WASABI that has developed over 80 years.